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We are Monikako Kids

the brand.

Monikako Kids is a new Spanish fashion brand that makes clothes and accessories for infants (0-24 months) and children (2-8 years) with a focus to spreading universal values through their products with original prints from hand-made drawings.

The garments are made mainly of cotton with ample width and casual style for children who want to play and let their imagination run free in comfort.

Monikako is aimed at parents who demand attention to detail, quality and an exclusive and modern design.

our values

Let’s face it, the world as it is has room for improvement. And only children can change it.

That is why each Monikako Kids’ collection is a manifesto for a cause and each garment an item in that manifesto, expressed in an attractive and enticing language: always fun, never demanding. If a kid can proudly wear a t-shirt with their favourite athlete, why wouldn’t they do the same to show respect for nature?